Welcome to the Blended Festival Influencer Portal 2022 

Congratulations! You have been hand-selected and invited to become an influencer partner with us. This page will walk you through the quick process of becoming a Social Influencer for The Blended Festival!

To sign up as Influencer at the Blended Festival follow these steps: 

Select the city(s) you want to participate in (link below!)

 Complete the application (it takes 60 seconds!)

Digitally sign the Influencer Trade Agreement.

Look for your welcome email with links to photos/ videos (and/or make your own!)

Begin promoting your partnership with Blended Festival
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See you at The Blended Festival!


Nashville Influencer Application 

Austin Influencer Application

San Diego Influencer Application

LA Influencer Application

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Phoenix Influencer Application

For more information please contact:
Matthew-Lorèn Lindsey 
Executive Sommelier | Director of Wine



Influencers will be invited to an exclusive Media & Influencer party before the festival
Influencers will be invited to attend a private VIP tour of the festival grounds
    3 hours before doors opening

Selected Influencers will be featured as official spokespersons for the Blended Festival        & our Corporate Sponsors (paid)
You become an extension of the Blended Family
Discounts for your friends, family, and followers using your code
Access to the Blended Festival VIP Village (VIP ticket holders)

Preferred viewing of main stage
Private upgraded restrooms
Access to the VIP pre and post events
VIP bottle service inside The Blended Festival VIP Village *


GRADUATED TICKET SYSTEM01-10 Tickets sold using your promo code = 2 GA tickets ($300Value)

11-20 Tickets sold using your promo code = 2 VIP tickets ($450 Value)
21-30 Tickets sold using your promo code = 4 VIP+ tickets ($1,200 Value)
31-40 Tickets sold using your promo code = 4 PREMIUM VIP tickets ($1,200 Value) 
50+ - 4 ALL INCLUSIVE tickets  ($2000 Value)
*restrictions apply. Benefits and package details may change without notice.


 Being a brand influencer, ambassador, and cheerleader for The                 Blended Festival
 Scheduling content publications across all relevant platforms.
 Create compelling content that creates excitement
 Engage/interact with your audience in a meaningful way
 Replying to all comments and likes with engaging responses to                answer questions, and create a continued buzz
 Leverage your social clout to drive awareness and sales for The                   Blended Festival through all your social channels
 Covering all stipulated talking points.
 Using required tags, hashtags, and
 Adhering to all other agreed-upon sponsorship guidelines.
 Conveying authentic enthusiasm throughout each publication.


Please list their handles so we can get ahold of them and invite them.

We want to make this festival as successful as possible with your help. Do you have any other influencer friends that should be apart of this Lifestyle festival?